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If you wish to apply to SGBM you have to register here to access the application form. Depending on which Track you select during registration, the application mask that you will have to fill out will differ slightly. It is therefore essential that you carefully check here for which Track you are eligibile before registering.

Once you have submitted this completed form, you will receive an email at the address provided with instructions on how to continue with the application. Once you start filling out your application the information you have entered is saved automatically. If you stop entering data for too long the system will log you out. You will have to re-enter your login data to proceed with your application.


Completing your application

Applications have to be submitted via the online application system which is available after registration on the SGBM website with your name and e-mail address. You will then be sent an email with a registration number SGBM-2022-XXXX and further instructions on how to complete the application procedure.  All information (scientific interests, letter of motivation, etc..) must be entered in English in the application form. The sections "letter of motivation" and  "scientific interests" are of specific interest for the selection procedure and should receive careful attention. Under Research Areas you will find a link to the individual websites of each Principal Investigator.

Track 1 applicants are asked to select 3 Principal Investigators in whose lab they would be interested to perform their PhD. Please note that this selection of labs can be modified once rotation schedules are finalized by the successful candidates prior to joining the program. At that stage the candidate can ask to perform one of the rotations in a lab that was not mentioned in the application.

Relevant documents can be uploaded. Please carefully select the documents you decide to upload and do not fill your application with unnecessary material! Final school leaving certificate (Abitur for German students) must be uploaded. Kindly make sure that the documents you upload are not secured or protected, otherwise they will not be processed correctly by the system.

Upon submission of your application you will receive a confirmation e-mail listing all documents uploaded and indicating your registration number. If you do NOT receive such an e-mail, your application has NOT been submitted and you must check what went wrong.


Applicants should inform the referees of their application to SGBM and send/give them the forms to fill out and send to the SGBM directly. The forms ("Referee form") can be downloaded from the website once you are registered as a user. Please include your SGBM registration number on the referee form. Reference letters that reach us later than five days after the deadline will not be considered and the corresponding application will therefore be incomplete.


GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) are not mandatory but should be included in the application if available. Applicants who decide to take the GRE specifically for admission to our school must make sure that they get the results before the application deadline. Results do not need to be communicated to us directly by ETS (Educational Testing System).


Selection procedure

We prescreen hundreds of complete applications and the selection committee assembles a short list of candidates who are invited for interviews in Freiburg. Travel expenses for interviews are covered by SGBM.

Each candidate has one individual interview (30 min/interview) in English with one of the three principal investigators whom they have mentioned in their application, as well as a tandem interview with 2 members of the selection committee (30 min.). In addition, candidates present their previous research work (Diplom or Master) to the selection committee.This is a 10-min presentation (flipchart or whiteboard, no Powerpoint) followed by a 10-min question round. Funding is awarded based on the results of the interviews and the presentation to the selection committee.


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