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Press Releases

Prof. Schamel et al, New receptor found on scavenger cells, August 2017, LINK

Prof. Meisinger et al, A Map of the Cell’s Power Station, August 2017, LINK

Dr. Minguet, Prof. Reth et al, How protein islands form, August 2017, LINK

Prof. Hennig et al, In the test tube instead of under the knife, August 2017, LINK

Prof. Einsle, On the Path to Vitamin A in Rice, July 2017, LINK

Prof. Weber et al, Personalize your medication dosages, July 2017, LINK

Prof. Einsle, On the way to a biological alternative, July 2017, LINK

Prof. Warscheid, Prof. Pfanner, Prof. Wiedemann, Discovering, counting, cataloguing proteins, June 2017, LINK

Prof. Reth, Flipping the switch to stop tumor development, June 2017, LINK

Prof. Baumeister, Tumor induction from a distance, June 2017, LINK

Prof. Reski, Moss saves moorlands, May 2017, LINK

Dr. Brummer, Researchers Discover a Potential New Target for Cancer Treatment, May 2017, LINK

Prof. Warscheid, Closing the Gate to Mitochondria, May 2017, LINK

Prof. Hofmann, No sugar coating, but sweet nonetheless, April 2017, LINK

Prof. Reski, The Protective Layer of Prehistoric Land Plants, March 2017, LINK

Prof. Diester, Traffic Light in the Brain, February 2017, LINK

Prof. Koch, The role of the tunnel, January 2017, LINK

Prof. Weber, Cancer Medications Learn to Hide, January 2017, LINK

Prof. Driever, Sensory Stimuli Control Dopamine in the Brain, January 2017, LINK

Prof. Reski, Survival Artists in the Antarctic, January 2017, LINK

Prof. Warscheid,How Complex Cells Developed, December 2016, LINK

Prof. Reski, Biologists Discover Origin of Stomata, November 2016, LINK

Prof. Hiltbrunner, How Plants Measure Temperature, November 2016, LINK

Prof. Weber,Personalized antibiotic treatment, November 2016, LINK

Prof. Pfanner, Protein with Multiple Duties, October 2016, LINK

Prof. Aktories, How Toxins Activate Cellular Guides, July 2016, LINK

Dr. Pyrolowakis, Freiburg Biologists Explain Function of Pentagone, June 2016, LINK

Dr. Brummer, Halbach et al, Fighting Resistant Blood Cancer Cells, June 2016, LINK

Prof. Meisinger et al., New Import Pathway into the Cell’s Powerhouses, September 2015, LINK

Prof. Reth et al., A glimpse into the nanoworld of lymphocyte cell membranes, September 2015, LINK

Prof. Warscheid et al., Traffic jam in the cell, August 2015, LINK

Prof. Aktories et al., Toxin from Salmonid Fish has Potential to Treat Cancer, July 2015, LINK

Prof. Boll et al., Enzym knackt stabile aromatische Verbindungen (only in German), July 2015, LINK

Prof. Reinheckel et al., How cancer cells avoid shutdown, July 2015, LINK

Dr. Wiedemann et al., Protein-Export aus den Zellkraftwerken (only in German), June 2015, LINK

Prof. Aktories et al., Molecular Docking Site of a Bacterial Toxin Identified, June 2015, LINK

Dr. Becker, Prof. Warscheid et al., Molecular Chaperones Help with Folding, May 2015, LINK

Prof. Martin van der Laan, Building Scaffolds in the Cell’s Power Stations, May 2015, LINK

Prof. Marlene BartosGenetic Basis of Mental Illnesses, May 2015, LINK

Jun-Prof. Winfried Römer, Sugar for synthetic cells, March 2015, LINK

Dr. Miriam Erlacher receives ERC Starting Grant, February 2015, LINK

Prof. Oliver Einsle, Less sulfite in wine, February 2015, LINK

Prof. Marlene Bartos, No More Neuronal Gibberish, January 2015, LINK


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Audio Podcast

SGBM doctoral fellow, Michael Strüber, participates in the 64th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting


Michael Strüber


Video Podcast

Protein Team Produces Molecular Barrels
Researchers show that two protein machineries collaborate on the development of barrel structures in the mitochondria

Guest Speaker Seminar on December 8, 2009
Prof. Dr. Gottfried Schatz,
Biozentrum Basel: "What it takes to succeed in science”


Guest Speaker Seminar on October 15, 2009
Prof. Dr. Thomas Junker,
University of Tübingen "Creationism and Intelligent Design: Who is afraid of
Darwinian Evolution?”


1st Annual PhD Retreat on September 11-13, 2009
Yuri Lazebnik,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA "Can a biologist fix a radio? - Or, what I learned while
studying apoptosis"


1st Annual PhD Retreat on September 11-13, 2009
Karl Hofbauer,
Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
"Industry and academia: bridging the gap"

Video on SGBM commissioned by the German Research Foundation (DFG)




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