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Lecturers: Dr. Wolfgang Jost, Campus Technologies Freiburg GmbH & Niko Bausch, Founding Office, University Freiburg

Date: tba

Time: 15:00-18:00 h

Location: Campus Technologies Freiburg GmbH (CTF), Stefan-Meier-Straße 8,  seminar room 1st floor

This introductory workshop will shed light on a buzzword found in many scientific grants of the last decade: “translational research”. Based on real world experiences we will reveal and discuss some of the fundamental DOs and DON'Ts for promising but still early academic inventions to be successfully transferred towards marketable products or technologies & inventor driven spin-offs.

In this translational process solid protective rights are crucial but not more than the initiation for all subsequent elongation steps in order to achieve sufficient maturity finally resulting in a smooth termination:

Initiation Identification, Evaluation & Patent Filing
Elongation Exploitation & Business Plans, Fundraising & Ripening
Termination Commercialization - i.e. handover to industry or own spin-off

Especially the fast evolving Life Sciences increasingly generate applications with relevance and benefits for societies. Beyond your particular area of scientific interests you are hence invited to take an excursion into the vast fields related to this world of exciting challenges - serving not only the purpose to attract public funding but rather to foster real innovations.

Topics covered include:

• Basic patent filing guidelines for inventors at universities
o What are patents & what are they good for?
o Legal obligations, costs & strategies
o Patent vs publication: respective needs & timelines

• “Ribosomal entry sites” for up-&-coming academic inventions
o Market-driven evaluation, unmet needs & unique selling positions
o Translational research: from initial evidence to solid Proof of Concepts (PoC)
o Attract PoC funding (public a/o private)

• Commercialization
o Trade sales, options & licenses
o For existing companies or own spin-offs

• Spin-off support
o Business modelling & planning
o Financing options: preparatory a/o seeding
o Founding office: activities & local network


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