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The Fast Track program, a cooperation between SGBM and the Faculty of Biology, enables exceptional students to enter the SGBM PhD program directly after the Bachelor. At the time of the application a Bachelor of Science in natural or life sciences with practical experience must be completed. In addition the candidate must be enrolled in the first year of a Master program.

The application is sent directly to SGBM following the application procedure. Selected candidates are invited to interviews in Freiburg. You can find an overview about the interview process here. Candidates who pass the interview at SGBM will have to pass a second interview at the Faculty of Biology.

Successful candidates start with three laboratory rotations of four weeks each. After the rotations the candidates choose a lab of his/her choice to start the PhD. After six months a Master thesis is submitted to complete the Master program.

The work load in this program is extremely high! During the first 6 months of the thesis, the students are expected to develop a thesis proposal and use it, together with first experimental data, to write a master thesis which will account for the master degree.

Documents, which have to be submitted with the application:

  • Certificate of the Bachelor, with grades
  • Summary of the Bachelor thesis
  • Proof of the university that the applicant is inscribed in the first year of a master program
  • Letter of motivation
  • Certificates of practical courses, workshops or work at scientific institutes or companies

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Difference between Track 1 and Fast Track:


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