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Instructor: Dr. Florian Battke, Dr. Battke SCIENTIA, Life Science Services

Date: November 7-9, 2022

Time: 9:00-14:30 h

Location: ONLINE course


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Introduction of basic statistical principles

● Basic concepts of statistical data analysis
● General descriptive statistics

Statistical methods

● Background and requirements of statistical methods:
- Distributions and test statistics
- Confidence intervals
- General method of hypothesis testing

● Applying statistical methods:
- Basics of hypothesis testing
- Tests on outliers, Gaussian distribution and homogeneity of variance
- Parametric and non-parametric hypothesis testing
- Critical interpretation of test results
- Analysis of variance (one way ANOVA)
- Kruskal-Wallis / Friedmann test
- Post-hoc tests
- Two/three way ANOVA
- Correlation and regression analysis
- Linear and nonlinear regression
- Curve fitting and weighting
- Calibration curves
- Comparison of regression models

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