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Conflict Management in Research Groups PDF Print

Instructor: CJ Fitzsimons, PhD, Leadership Sculptor GmbH, Meckesheim

Time: April 13, 2022

Date: 9:00-17:00 h

Location: tba



Conflict is part of creativity and the daily research routine, but unfortunately, the solution to such conflicts is not part of day-to-day work. People too often hope that a conflict resolves itself. The chances for productive solutions rise dramatically if you understand how to handle conflicts.

In this workshop, you will learn
• Why conflicts can’t be solved “reasonably”
• Pros and cons of the main solution strategies
• Analysing conflicts to find solution strategies
• The nine possible escalation phases of a conflict – and how and when to intervene
• Practical tools for conflict resolutions
• How to negotiate when the negotiating partner has more power


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