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Editing, Processing and Analysis of Scientific Images PDF Print

Instructor: Dr. Jan Brocher, BioVoxxel, Ludwigshafen

Date: April 6-8, 2022

Time: 9:00-15:30 h

Venue: ONLINE workshop



•    Proper editing of scientific images for publications
•    Good scientific practice with Do’s and Dont’s regarding analysis and publication
•    Understanding all aspects of digital images (e.g. metadata, bit depth, histogram,…)
•    Scaling, scale bars, false colors, calibration bars, …
•    Uneven lighting correction methods for visualization and processing
•    Diverse background correction algorithms and their proper application
•    Image pre-processing: understanding image filters, their properties and usage
•    In-depth object extraction and optimizing image segmentation
•    Image post-processing: morphological operations for increased reliability during analyses
•    Analysis: object counting, size and shape determination, ROI-based intensity quantification
•    Assembly of process automation: A brief introduction to ImageJ macros


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