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Efficiency Skills for Scientists: Get the Same Done in Less Time PDF Print

Instructor: Dr. Carsten Rohr, Soft Skills in Hard Science

Date: June 25 & July 2, 2021

Time: 10:00-16:30 h

Location: ONLINE



Usually, scientists don’t do their research for the money, but because they are passionately curious and feel the drive to explore. This drive can often be sabotaged by the clutter of daily work life: doing paperwork, waiting for equipment/time slots/co-workers or getting assignments which not related to your project at all.

The assumption for this workshop is that you like what you do. Therefore, the goal of this workshop is to identify ways and strategies that allow you to spend most of your time on doing what you like – and reduce the time you spend on doing ‘the rest’.

In the course of the workshop, we will focus on how to get back to the essentials:

•    Prioritizing (Pareto and Eisenhower)
•    Automating of time-consuming processes
•    Synergy in your research group
•    Delegating properly to save time
•    Upward leadership (how to lead your boss)
•    Skillful elimination of tasks
•    Efficient communication (email, meetings, collaboration)

Your personal toolkit
This “work”shop provides a toolset, which you can apply in your daily work life. The methods and approaches presented are only those that also the trainer uses. Not all the tools will fit all individual situations, but with multiple tools the chances are good that some of them will work for you. Of course, situations only change if the topics covered in this training are applied in real life.
Therefore, you will be asked to work on your situation and identify possibilities for action throughout the training.


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