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Seminar and lecture series

Please always double check location and time of seminars since they can be updated on short notice.

The seminars, lectures and courses take place in English unless otherwise specified.

SFB stands for Sonderforschungsbereich which means Collaborative Research Center. GRK stands for Graduiertenkolleg which means Research Training  Group.

Seminar and Lecture Series:

SFB 1425 - Heterocellular nature of cardiac lesions: Identities, Interactions, Implications

SFB 1381 - Dynamic organization of cellular protein machineries: From biogenesis and modular assemnbly to function

CIBSS - Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies

SFB 850 - Control of Cell Motility in Morphogenesis

SFB 1160 - Immune-mediated pathology as a consequence of impaired immune reactions

SFB 992 - MEDEP Medical Epigenetics

SFB 2202 - Transport across and into membranes

FRIAS - Lecture Series

Bernstein Seminar at BCF

Brainlinks Braintools

BIOSS Seminar

Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

Scientific Method and Logic Course Lectures


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