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SGBM has access to a brand-new shared flat (4 furnished rooms, integrated kitchen, balcony) in the student dormitory OIKOS , Vauban.  New PhD students can apply to get a room in this apartment. The ratio price/service offered is optimal.SGBM  is constantly updated on available rooms in other student dormitories, such as StuSie, Stühlinger, Vauban etc.. If you are looking for a place to stay in the private sector, please consult following websites via Studentenwerk N.B. List of German abbreviations in classifieds

See also apartment search database of International Office

Freiburg dormitories Photo © Jian Qiu oikos_web.jpg

Airport Bus Shuttle

Airport Bus Shuttle Basel/Mulhouse

AKA Filmclub

A Filmclub organized by Freiburg students. The Filmclub tries to show all movies in the original (language) versions; "OmU" means original with German subtitles, the languages are marked (English/French/Spanish/Finnish/Korean).
There are different film series organized. The program is available only in German, but there is some information about the series at AKA homepage .
Almost all movies are shown at the lecture hall 2006 at the Kollegiengebäude II, just opposite the theater. You have to buy a semester membership card for 2,50 Euros, each film costs 1,50 Euros.

Baby Sitter Search Service

Baby Sitter Search Service - A Cooperation Project initiated by the Freiburg Office of Student Services, the German Red Cross and the University of Freiburg


Biolino - day care center of the Faculty of Biology


BioPro-Biotechnology and Life Sciences

BioPro - Biotechnology and Life Sciences in Baden-Württemberg provides targeted support to research institutions and companies in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors.


BioValley-The Life Sciences Network

BioValley - The Life Sciences network in the trinational context with Alsace in France, South Baden in Germany and Northwest Switzerland, with their centers Strasbourg, Freiburg and Basel. 

Campus Cafeterias
Career Center

Career Center - The placement platform of the University of Freiburg for jobs and internships


Carl-Schurz-Haus is a German-American Institute established in 1952 as a binational cultural center that offers up to 250 events per year and comprises an English language library of 12.000 items, of which 2.700 films, 1.200 audiobooks and 50 journals.

Central Administration of the University
Centre Culturel Francais
Computer Center

IT-Services of Freiburg University

Course List

Please use this template to document courses, seminars, lectures, meetings etc. you have attended so far. Add all events to this list - it is a compilation of all your curricular activities as an overview. Please send this list per e-mail before meeting with the school management. Thank you.

course list


The SGBM PhD Program is a very compact and stringent one. In order to navigate through the 3-year-program and plan your curricular activities, please consult the checklist below summarizing your tasks and when these should be completed:

Day Care Center - Technical Faculty

Day Care Center on the campus of the Faculty of Engineering

Day Care Center Burgunder Straße
Day care center of Freiburg University

Day Care Center - founded in 1996 offers 50 all-day care slots for University employees' and students' children. 


Day care center of University Hospital

55 slots available - day care from 06:15 to 18:00h on weekdays.

Address:  Fehrenbachalle 4, Personalhaus V.


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