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Deutsche Bahn
Doctoral studies program office

Contact persons at the Faculty of Biology for questions concerning doctoral studies you will find HERE

Educational Games

Educational Games via the official website of the Nobel Prize

Electronic Journals Library

Electronic Journals Library, University Library of Freiburg

Electronic Residence Title

The Electronic Residence Title in credit card format.


All enrolled students can re-register online for upcoming semesters. For this, simply use the MyAccount data that have been sent to you per mail upon your immatriculation. This service is available only during certain times in the year. Please make sure that you take care of this in due time since your enrollment certificate is important to keep your student health insurance:

  • winter semester: between 1 June – 30 June
  • summer semester: between 15 January – 15 February

A step-by-step guide for online enrolment

Enrolment fees (145,- €) can be reimbursed upon individual request as long as SGBM’s budget allows it. The Executive Board can revise this decision any time.


The European Confederation of Universities on the Upper Rhine (Eucor) is a close network consisting of the following universities:

  • Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Universität Basel
  • Université de Strasbourg
  • Université de Haute Alsace, Mulhouse/Colmar



After finishing your doctoral studies and especially in case of leaving Freiburg University before your thesis defense, you can have the enrolment fees of 105,- € reimbursed. In this case, please submit your exmatriculation application at the student secretariat. The secretariat needs a few documents for the exmatriculation procedure before the new term starts.

These documents include:
Completed application form - Antrag auf Exmatrikulation
Stamp from the University Library Freiburg that you are not in possession of any library books
Student book
Current enrolment certificate
Bank details (to be listed on the form)

Family Service

Family Service provides information and support to improve the compatibility of family and career at the University of Freiburg.

Fileserver - Computer Center

Videotutorial on Fileserver:

A fileserver is a digital storage space where you can save your data and access it worldwide. 


Should you need extra funding for travel expenses to attend meetings or courses in Germany and abroad we recommend that you check the following
- Foundations via University of Freiburg.
- International students whose fellowship has run out but who are close to finishing their PhD can apply to the University of Freiburg for an extension of their fellowship (maximum of 6 months). Application information for financial support by the University of Freiburg
- Please note that as of December 2008 there has been Neue Universitätsstiftung established to support doctoral projects and bridge funding.

- Scholarship database of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

- Stipendium Plus - promotion of talented students funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

- - Association of German Foundations

- For financial support of projects with IT and Media relevance, please consult Karl-Steinbuch foundation directly.

Founders Office

Founders Office of the University of Freiburg; Training in Entrepreneurship competences

Fraunhofer Institutes Freiburg

History: Freiburg 's historical town center surrounds the cathedral and the market place. The market rights were given to Freiburg by Konrad of Zähringen in 1120. The gothic cathedral from the late middle ages was initiated in 1200 by Berthold V, the last Duke of Zähringen. For a long period of time Freiburg was under the rule of the Habsburg monarchy.
 University: The university's 20.000 students account for about one tenth of the total population of Freiburg. Freiburg University was founded in 1457 and is among the oldest ones in Germany.
 Transportation: The VAG tram network of 4 tram lines and 21 bus lines will help you to explore Freiburg and the surrounding area. The night buses will bring you safely home on the weekend. If you are a student you are entitled to buy a Semesterticket valid Freiburg and surroundings for 6 months. The alternative is using a bike and most students indeed own one.
 Geography: Its proximity to the Black Forest makes Freiburg attractive to tourists from all over the world. The Schauinsland, the local mountain of Freiburg, is very popular for a day tour. Being close to Mulhouse and Strasbourg (France) and Basel and Zurich (Switzerland) Freiburg is politically, educationally and economically very active in the trinational context.

Climate: Freiburg , also called Germany's Tuscany, is one of the warmest and sunniest places in Germany (1815 sun hours per year). These are ideal conditions for wine growing. A wine tasting tour in the nearby Kaiserstuhl and Markgräflerland is an opportunity to discover villages that have kept their historical character over the centuries.

Leisure time: Freiburg has an active cultural life (theatre, outdoor festivals, concerts, cinemas and museums) and many students come to join its renowned conservatory. Outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding or skating are possible using public transportation.

©Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG/ Photo : Karl-Heinz Raach or © FWTM/Raach

Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education

FRAUW Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education

Freiburg City

Freiburg Green City

Freiburg Funding Portal

The database on the Freiburg Funding Portal includes information on national and international funding programs.

Freiburg Seminar

Freiburg Seminar is a program dedicated to promoting talented and highly motivated students in the field of sciences. Each term SGBM doctoral students and principal investigators give talks on their research topics.

Funding Requests to SGBM Executive Board

Please use this Travel Request Template for submitting your applications. Thank you!

Tip 1: You may have to save the document locally first in order to edit it.

Tip 2:  Please enter at least 250 words in the section where you explain why this conference/workshop is important for your research work.

Rules and criteria:
- There is no entitlement whatsoever with respect to the sum and/or number of travel requests reimbursed by SGBM
- Funding requests should be submitted at least 2 months before the registration deadline so that they can be examined by the Executive Board
- Funding is only granted if the applicant gives an oral or poster presentation; various courses and workshops not offered in Freiburg can eventually be financed if they are clearly relevant for the applicant’s PhD project
- Each application is examined individually and funding is determined based on the relevance to the applicant's project.; some funding requests may be funded only partially and some requests can be declined altogether
- In case of split financing by two different sources, please consult the office in order to decide over which institute your Dienstreiseantrag will be filed
- An advanced payment is sometimes possible: it  must be discussed beforehand

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