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SGBM Flyer and Logo

Please download the flyer for an overview of the Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine:

SGBM Flyer

SGBM Logo in eps format for posters

SGBM Guest House

The SGBM building has six (3 double and 3 single) rooms open to exchange PhD students, postdocs and guest scientists who collaborate with SGBM Principal Investigators.

Kitchen/social and guest room



Sports at Freiburg University

Please consult the current program on all sport activities offered by Freiburg University. hss.jpg

Student Speakers

SGBM Student Speakers are:

Doris Kreuzer-Dekovic

Alejandro Gomez Auli and

Tafadzwa Mlambo

The speaker tenure is running until December 31, 2015. In the very last student reunion this year we expect to have the new speakers appointed.

The role of student speakers:
- "liaison officers" between SGBM management and PhD students
- offer active participation in Executive Board meetings 
- write report of EB meetings, where necessary (something like Fachschaftsbericht) and inform fellow students of management alterations

Studentenwerk - Student Services
Studium Generale

Studium Generale offers extracurricular activities, courses in rhetorics and soft skills, health issues, dance, yoga, pottery, photography, etc... as well as lecture series on current global politics including excursions for instance to non-governmental organizations' headquarters in Switzerland.

Supervision of doctoral studies

A list of members of the faculty of biology with the right to supervise or examine doctoral candidates you will find HERE

A list of members of other faculties and research institutions with the right to supervise or examine doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Biology you will find HERE

Members of the faculty of biology "thesis committee" are listed HERE

Suprising Science

Surprising Science is the science portal of the University of Freiburg and presents selected research projects for the media and the interested public.

Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer (Patent) Office of the University of Freiburg

Thesis Committee

In the download section of our homepage you can find three different templates for TC meetings. Please note that you will need to log in first to access the forms and do get back to us in case you forgot your password/username. As soon as you have arranged the date with your TC members, please also inform the study coordinator.

1st Template : For first meeting after submitting thesis proposal (within first 6 months of PhD). The TC members must indicate that they approve thesis proposal. Please bring this document to your first meeting and have all present TC members sign it directly.

2nd Template : For following meetings.

3rd Template to be completed in the last meeting before submitting your thesis. After a year you write a short progress report which you submit to SGBM office and to each TC member PRIOR to arranging the date for TC meeting. At this meeting you have the members sign the form and write a brief report for us and you hand in the signed form.

In case you cannot meet all three members at the same time make sure that all of them have your progress report, arrange a discussion with the missing member and have him/her sign the template.

We would appreciate it a lot if you could bear this in mind for your future meetings which would make life somehow a bit easier for us in getting things organized. Thank you very much for your help! If there are any question please don't hesitate and come back to us.


In order to know what is meant by specific terms and abbreviations, please consult the university glossary:

Terms in German Academia

Travel Grants

Please use this Travel Request Template for submitting your applications. Thank you!

Tip 1: You may have to save the document locally first in order to edit it.

Tip 2: Please enter at least 250 words in the section where you explain why this conference/workshop is important for your research work.

Rules and criteria:
- There is no entitlement whatsoever with respect to the sum and/or number of travel requests reimbursed by SGBM
- Funding requests should be submitted at least 2 months before the registration deadline so that they can be examined by the Executive Board
- Funding is only granted if the applicant gives an oral or poster presentation; various courses and workshops not offered in Freiburg can eventually be financed if they are clearly relevant for the applicant’s PhD project
- Each application is examined individually and funding is determined based on the relevance to the applicant's project.; some funding requests may be funded only partially and some requests can be declined altogether
- In case of split financing by two different sources, please consult the office in order to decide over which institute your Dienstreiseantrag will be filed
- An advanced payment is sometimes possible: it must be discussed beforehand

Uni Card

The Unicard is automatically issued for all students enrolled at the University of  Freiburg. 

It is used as an identity card for entering some buildings and using some facilities. Furthermore, it is also a university library card, mensa/cafeteria and copy card (staff members), and is used as an ID in order to buy a Semesterticket.See also Semesterticket.

For further information, please contact the Uni Card team.
Each new semester you must renew the semester data on your Unicard.


University Medical Center - Research
University Radio

Echo FM - university radio - offers a nice range of music programs in cooperation with the University of Education Freiburg and the University of Applied Sciences (Administration) in Kehl as well as the International Music College Freiburg.


University TV

University TV with contributions from different faculties and departments


TC Meetings with external TC members can take place via videoconference


German language courses at Volkshochschule (VHS):

Standard courses take place twice a week and are offered three times a year: They cost about 120 EUR/semester.Upon request and depending on general funds, SGBM offers financial support for language courses.

Please register in person at the head office - Volkshochschule Schwarzes Kloster
Rotteckring 12
Postfach 5569
79022 Freiburg

Office hours: Mon-Thu 9.00 - 18.00h, Fri until 12.30h

The VHS also offers other types of courses such as art, cooking, finances, computer, other languages, sports and excursions, usually all in German.

VPN Tutorial

Connection to the University Network with your PC/notebook. Tutorial offered by the Computing Center on how to install and use the VPN Client which is also needed to connect to library research databases from your PC.

Wohnschein (married individuals)

What to do to get a "Wohnschein":

If your partner joins you in Germany you will need a "Wohnschein" to apply for a family apartment in the StuSie.

To apply for a flat in the student dormitory, you will register online between 15.01-31.03 and 15.07-30.09 every year (it is not possible to register outside this period). You can also visit the individual administrator at the Studentenwerk, Schreiberstrasse 12-16, 79098 FR during office hours.

To obtain the Wohnschein, you will need the following documents:

-marriage certificate
-passport with visa
-flight ticket or reservation of spouse who is coming to Germany
-document of the foreign office (to be obtained at the Ausländerbehörde, Basler Str. 2;, but better call the person who is in charge; goes alphabetical, so check it on the internet and better go there in the early morning)
-stipend documents (letter of invitation, contract, matriculation certificate)
-10 Euros
Once you have all this, go to the Amt für Wohnraumversorgung; Abteilung Wohnung (Auf der Zinnen 1; 3. OG, rechts) and there you will be issued the Wohnschein, which is valid for 1 year. This means you have one year time to move into the next available flat. You do not have to get a new one every year, this one is valid for the whole period you stay in the flat. The Wohnschein is to be submitted at the Studentenwerk.

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