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Language Certificates

There is a possibility of taking IELTS exams (International English Language Testing System) and obtain an adequate certificate at the SLI (Language Training Center) of Freiburg University. IELTS is equivalent to the slightly more popular TOEFL test used to assess learners’ language levels and provides a benchmark for entry into tertiary education institutions (IELTS is widely accepted worldwide).

SLI offers regular preparation courses for the three most important certificates: IELTS (test/certificate at Freiburg Uni), TOEFL (internetbased test, closest place to take the test is Stuttgart) and Cambridge Proficiency Test (test/certificate at Freiburg Uni). Please note that TOEFL test is valid only for two years. The IELTS exams at Freiburg University are taking place on a monthly basis.

1) Dates for IELTS tests in Freiburg 
2) General information on all English tests and preparation courses at the SLI
3) Preparation and self-study in the Language Laboratory
4) Information on the European frame of reference and comparison charts between different language certificates

Language Teaching Center

German and other languages can be learned at the Sprachlehrinstitut - Language Teaching Center of the University of Freiburg :

Universitätsstr. 5
2nd floor
79098 Freiburg

Room 02 008
Tel. +49 (0)761 203-5470
Fax: +49 (0) 761 203-3516

Courses generally encompass 30 teaching hours per semester (2 x 45 minutes a week, for 15 weeks in the semester) and cost 60 Euros per semester.

Alternatively it is possible to attend courses at the "Volkshochschule" in Freiburg. Courses also take place twice a week.

German Placement Test


Books in English (life sciences) are available in Freiburg University libraries. For borrowing books you can use your student card.

Each institute has its own library apart from the main library located in Stadthalle/Messplatz (take tram line no. 1 direction Littenweiler). Opening hours/info point: Mon - Fri: 09.00 - 20.00h, Sat: 10.00 - 18.00 h. Here you can ask about the lending conditions.

To check whether the book you are looking for is in store use the online catalogue. Enter your keyword in the field "Titelworte".

Please note that the faculty libraries mostly operate with non-lending collection. Please contact the librarian for detailed terms and conditions.

And here are the addresses/links of the faculty libraries:

Lost and Found

Freiburg lost and found office

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