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This is useful for those using public transport as it entitles you to travel on all local busses and trains.

A Semesterticket costs 89 Euros and is valid for six months. It is only issued upon showing your enrolment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) or valid student ID. This implies that you must make sure to register at the University of Freiburg on time.You can purchase the ticket also online .

semesterticket.gif If you do not have a Semesterticket, you can still use public transportation. There are also reduced fares if you buy multiple tickets but the fares offered are not as advantageous as the Semesterticket!

Note that you are allowed to use public transportation (RVF, not Deutsche Bahn!) between 7:30 pm and 3:00 am free of charge provided you have a valid uni card.

SGBM Flyer and Logo

Please download the flyer for an overview of the Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine:

SGBM Flyer

SGBM Logo in eps format for posters

SGBM Guest House

The SGBM building has six (3 double and 3 single) rooms open to exchange PhD students, postdocs and guest scientists who collaborate with SGBM Principal Investigators.

Kitchen/social and guest room



Sports at Freiburg University

Please consult the current program on all sport activities offered by Freiburg University. hss.jpg

Student Speakers

SGBM Student Speakers are:

Doris Kreuzer-Dekovic

Alejandro Gomez Auli and

Tafadzwa Mlambo

The speaker tenure is running until December 31, 2015. In the very last student reunion this year we expect to have the new speakers appointed.

The role of student speakers:
- "liaison officers" between SGBM management and PhD students
- offer active participation in Executive Board meetings 
- write report of EB meetings, where necessary (something like Fachschaftsbericht) and inform fellow students of management alterations

Studentenwerk - Student Services
Studium Generale

Studium Generale offers extracurricular activities, courses in rhetorics and soft skills, health issues, dance, yoga, pottery, photography, etc... as well as lecture series on current global politics including excursions for instance to non-governmental organizations' headquarters in Switzerland.

Supervision of doctoral studies

A list of members of the faculty of biology with the right to supervise or examine doctoral candidates you will find HERE

A list of members of other faculties and research institutions with the right to supervise or examine doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Biology you will find HERE

Members of the faculty of biology "thesis committee" are listed HERE

Suprising Science

Surprising Science is the science portal of the University of Freiburg and presents selected research projects for the media and the interested public.

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