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Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine SGBM
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From Monday 09 September 2019
To Thursday 12 September 2019
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Medical thesis training program AG Prof.Walz ZKF Uniklinik Freiburg

Next course: September 9-19, 2019

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Day 1 (09.09.19): Introduction and Safety
8.00 – 8.15            Introduction    Prof. Dr. M. Köttgen
8.15 – 10.00            Safety         Klaus Jenne (Arbeitssicherheit)

Day 1 (09.09.19): DNA Amplification, expression of genes (Dr. Tobias Hermle, Dr. Toma
Yakulov, Dr. Takayuki Yasunaga, Temel Kilic, Charlotte Meyer)

DNA amplification, expression of genes
PCR, RT-PCR, design of PCR primer and sequencing
generation of RNA, in vivo protein expression, model systems (Xenopus)
Generation of RNA, Xenopus model systems

Day 2 (10.09.19): Histology (Dr. Daniel Epting, Dr. Abhijeet Todkar, Annette Schmitt, Temel Kilic)

Detection of antigens in tissues
In situ hybridization tissue section, embedding, staining procedures

Day 3 (11.09.19): Microscopy in the ZBSA and ZKF (Dr. Toma Yakulov, Marinella Klein)
Introduction to light, fluorescence, widefield and confocal microscopy
Immunofluorescence Staining    
Hands on widefield and confocal microscope
Introduction to Apotome und other microscopes in the ZKF : Marinella Klein

Day 4 (12.09.19): Manipulation of DNA (Dr. Toma Yakulov, Simone Diederichsen, Céline Costa)                 

DNA, cloning, vectors, plasmid amplification, expression of genes in E. coli
Practical exercise: subcloning, transformation, Mini- and Maxi-Preps,     generation of    
recombinant proteins in bacteria

Labbase (Christina Engel)

Day 5 (16.09.19): Cell culture (Alexandra Bona, Dr. Manaswita Jain)

cells alive in culture, mycoplasma etc.
Cell culture, split 293T cells for transfections, freeze, thaw and count cells       

Day 6 (17.09.19): Transfections & Transduction
(Dr. Toma Yakulov, Dr. Tilman Busch, Barbara Müller)  

Genetic manipulation of mammalian cells (transfection, transduction, retroviral vectors)
Transfection of gfp, transfection of cells for Western blot, Cell lysis, preparing acrylamide gels)

Day 7 (18.09.19): Western Blot (Lea Gerstner, Manuel Rogg, Andrea Paolini)

Detection of expressed proteins (Western blot, 1D-/2D gels, MS)
Cell lysis/IP, Western blotting
Roundtour Lab / Handling Lab-Equipment (Simone Bräg)

Day 8 (19.09.19): Bioinformatics  (Dr. Maike Getwan, Dr. Alexis Hofherr / Dr. Toma Yakulov)

Formulas for everyday-labwork/ Bioinformatics: Theory and Applications / Statistics (basics)


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