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Tilman Brummer Profile Page
Tilman Brummer


Lab: Prof. Tilman Brummer Independent Research Group Leader
Department: Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cell Research
Address: Stefan-Meier-Strasse 17
79104 Freiburg
Phone: 203 9610
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Lab homepage:
BIOSS Excellence Cluster: Member
PhD positions available: NO
Research Area: Molecular Medicine
Research Interests: Our main scientific interest is to understand the mechanisms by which cells convert the information of extracellular signals, e.g. hormones, growth factors or antigens, into intracellular signals and how these events steer physiological and pathological processes such as cancer.


Education & Training: 02/2003: awarded PhD in Immunology
1998-02: Ph.D. thesis in Immunology, University of Freiburg, Germany
1997-98: Diploma in Immunology, University of Freiburg, Germany
1992-97: Studies of Biology, University of Freiburg, Germany
Employment & Experience: Since 2013: Independent Group leader within the Emmy-Noether-Program of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Institute for Molecular Medicine and Cell Research, Faculty for Medicine, University of Freiburg
2008-2012: Independent Group leader within the Emmy-Noether-Program of the DFG, Faculty for Biology, University of Freiburg
2003-2008: Postdoctoral fellow, Signal Transduction Group (Prof. R.J. Daly), Cancer Research Program, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia
2003: Postdoctoral fellow, Dept. Molecular Immunology (Prof. M. Reth), Max- Planck-Institute for Immunobiology, Freiburg
Scientific Activities: Since 2015 Local Faculty (DPI), German Cancer Consortium (DKTK)
Since 2015: Member of the Molecular Tumour Board, University Medical Centre Freiburg
2010 – present: Principal Investigator and Executive Board member, Collaborative Research Centre 850 - Control of Cell Motility in Morphogenesis, Cancer Invasion and Metastasis
2008 – present: Principal Investigator, Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine, executive board member since 2012.
2008 – present: Principal Investigator and executive board member, BIOSS. Since 2015 deputy director (Stellvertrender Sprecher)

ad hoc reviewer for Nature Medicine, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature Reviews Immunology, Gastroenterology, EMBO Journal, EMBO reports, Cancer Research, Molecular Cancer Research, Cell Death and Differentiation, Oncogene, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Structure, International Journal of Cancer, Oncotarget, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Cellular Signalling, Molecular Biosystems, FEBS Journal etc.
ad hoc reviewer for the Human Frontier Science Program, Medical Research Council (MRC UK), Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research UK, Science Foundation Ireland, Association for International Cancer Research (AICR), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia, the Health Research Council (HRC) of New Zealand, the Swiss Cancer League, the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid) and the Ministry for Art and Science (MWK) Baden-Württemberg.


Honors and Awards:

2015:   Heisenberg professorship of the DFG
2014:   Heisenberg fellowship of the DFG
2014:   Nature Reviews Cancer poster prize, EMBO meeting “Cellular Signaling and Cancer Therapy”, Cavtat, Croatia.
2007:   Emmy-Noether fellowship of the DFG
2006:   Nomination by students of the Garvan Institute, Sydney, for the Nature awards for mentoring in science – Australasia.
2003:   Hans-Spemann-Prize for the best Ph.D. thesis at the Faculty of Biology, University of Freiburg
2003:   Selected delegate for the 53th Meeting of the Nobel laureates


Selected Publications:

Bender, S., Gronych, J., Warnatz, H.J., Hutter, B., Gröbner, S., Ryzhova, M., Pfaff, E., Hovestadt, V., Weinberg, F., Halbach, S., Kool, M., Northcott, P.A., Sturm, D., Bjerke, L., Zichner, T., Stütz, A.M., Schramm, K., Huang, B.D., Buchhalter, I., Heinold, M., Risch, T., Worst, B., van Tilburg, C.M., Weber, U.D., Zapatka, M., Raeder, B., Milford, D., Heiland, S., von Kalle, C., Previti, C., Lawerenz, C., Kulozik, A.E., Unterberg, A., Witt, O., von Deimling, A., Capper, D., Truffaux, N., Grill, J., Jabado, N., Sehested, A.M., Sumerauer, D., Hmida-Ben  Brahim, D.,  Trabelsi, S., Ng, H.-K., Zagzag, D., Allen, J., Karajannis, M.A., Gottardo, N., Jones, C., Korbel, J.O., Schmidt, S., Wolf, S., Reifenberger, G., Felsberg, J., Brors, B., Herold-Mende, C., Lehrach, H., Brummer, T., Korshunov, A., Eils, R., Yaspo, M.-L., Pfister, S.M., Lichter, P. and D.T.W. Jones for the International Cancer Genome Consortium PedBrain Tumor Project (2016). Recurrent MET fusion genes represent a drug target in pediatric glioblastoma. Nature Medicine 22, 1314-1320.  Abstract

Halbach, S., Köhler, M., Huber, J., F.M. Uhl, R. Zeiser, Koschmieder, S., Aumann, K*. and T. Brummer* (2016). Gab2 is Essential for Bcr-Abl-mediated leukemic transformation and hydronephrosis in a chronic myeloid leukemia mouse model. Leukemia 30: 1942-5. *Co-senior authors.   Abstract

Köhler, M.#, Röring, M. #, Schorch, B., Heilmann, K., Stickel, N., Schmitt, L.C., Braun, S., Fiala, G.J., Ehrenfeld, S., Uhl, F.M., Kaltenbacher, T.K., Weinberg, F., Herzog, S., Zeiser, R., Schamel, W., Jumaa, H. and T. Brummer (2016). Activation loop phosphorylation regulates B-Raf in vivo and transformation by BRAF mutants. The EMBO Journal 35:143-161. #Co-first authors.  Abstract

Kordes, M.#, Röring, M.#, Heining, C.#, Braun, S., Hutter, B., Richter, D., Geörg, C. Scholl, C., Gröschel, S., Roth, W., Rosenwald, A., Geissinger, E., von Kalle, C., Jäger, D., Brors, B., Weichert, W., Grüllich, C., Glimm, H.*. Brummer, T.* and Stefan Fröhling* (2016). Cooperative activity of BRAFF595L and HRASQ61R mutations in histiocytic sarcoma provides new insights into oncogenic BRAF signaling. Leukemia 30:937-46. #Co-first authors, *Co-senior authors.  Abstract

Herr, R., Köhler, M., Andrlova, H., Weinberg, F., Möller, Y., S. Halbach, L. Lutz, J. Mastroianni, Klose, M., Kowar, S., Bittermann, N., Zeiser, R., Olayioye, M.A., Lassmann, S., Busch, H., Boerries, M. and T. Brummer (2015). B-Raf inhibitors induce epithelial differentiation in BRAF mutant colorectal cancer cells. Cancer Research 75:216-29.  Abstract

Yaktapour, N., Meiss, F., Mastroianni, J., Zenz, T., Andrlova, H., Mathew, N.R., Claus, R., Hutter, B., Fröhling, S., Brors, B., Pfeifer, D., Pantic, M., Bartsch, I., Spehl, T.S., Meyer, P.T., Duyster, J*., Zirlik, K*., Brummer, T.* and R. Zeiser* (2014). BRAF inhibitor-associated ERK activation drives development of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Journal of Clinical Investigation 124:5074-84. *Co-senior authors.   Abstract

Wöhrle FU, Halbach S, Aumann K, Schwemmers S, Braun S, Auberger P, Schramek D, Penninger JM, Lassmann S, Werner M, Waller CF, Pahl HL, Zeiser R, Daly RJ and Brummer T. (2013). Gab2 signaling in chronic myeloid leukemia cells confers resistance to multiple Bcr-Abl inhibitors. Leukemia 27:118-29.   Abstract

Röring M, Herr R, Fiala GJ, Heilmann K, Braun S, Eisenhardt AE, Halbach S, Capper D, von Deimling A, Schamel WW, Saunders DN and Brummer T (2012). Distinct requirement for an intact dimer interface in wild-type, V600E and kinase-dead B-Raf signalling. The EMBO Journal 31: 2629-2647.   Abstract

Brummer T, Larance M, Abreu MT, Lyons RJ, Timpson P, Emmerich CH, Fleuren ED, Lehrbach GM, Schramek D, Guilhaus M, James DE, Daly RJ (2008). Phosphorylation-dependent binding of 14-3-3 terminates signalling by the Gab2 docking protein. The EMBO Journal 27: 2305-2316.  Abstract

Jeffrey KL, Brummer T, Rolph MS, Liu SM, Callejas NA, Grumont RJ, Gillieron C, Mackay F, Grey S, Camps M, Rommel C, Gerondakis SD, Mackay CR (2006). Positive regulation of immune cell function and inflammatory responses by phosphatase PAC-1. Nature Immunology 7: 274-283.  Abstract

SGBM PhD students

SGBM PhD students:



Track 1

Corinna Spohr (01/2018 - 04/2022)

Nadine Reischmann (01/2016 - 09/2020)

Sebastian Halbach (04/2012 - 04/2016)

Martin Köhler (04/2012 - 03/2016)

Franziska Wöhrle (08/2008 - 11/2012)

Track 2

Michael Röring (04/2008 - 12/2012)

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