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Georgios Pyrowolakis Profile Page
Georgios Pyrowolakis


Lab: Dr. Giorgos Pyrowolakis
Department: Department of Biology I
Phone: 203 8459
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Lab homepage:
BIOSS Excellence Cluster: Associated member
PhD positions available: YES
Research Area: Developmental Biology
Research Interests: - Signal Transduction
- Analysis of Drosophila BMP-signaling
- Formation and Interpretation of Morphogen Gradients


Education & Training: 1989 Lyceum Diploma, 3rd Lyceum Iraklio, Crete, Greece
1990 - 1992 Studies of Biology, University of Mainz
1992 - 1995 Studies of Biology, University of Heidelberg
1995 - 1996 Diploma thesis in the lab of Prof. Dr. R. Herrmann, Center of Molecular Biology Heidelberg (ZMBH), University of Heidelberg
1996 - 1998 Ph.D. student in the group of Prof. Dr. S. Jentsch, Center of Molecular Biology Heidelberg (ZMBH), University of Heidelberg
1998 - 2000 Continuation of the Ph.D. thesis in the same group at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Munich
August 2000 Ph.D. from the University of Heidelberg
Employment & Experience: 2002 - 2006 Postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Dr. M. Affolter, Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland
Since Sept. 2006 Junior Group leader at the Institute for Biology I, University of Freiburg


Honors and Awards:
2000 Ph.D. thesis awarded with "summa cum laude"
2002 Roche Research Foundation Fellow
2003 EMBO Long-term fellow Since
2006 Junior group leader SFB592


Selected Publications:

Norman M., Vuilleumier R. Springhorn A., Gawlik J. and Pyrowolakis G. (2016) Pentagone fine-tunes glypicans to regulate multiple signaling pathways. Elife, Jun 8;5. pii: e13301.  Abstract

Charbonnier E., Fuchs A., Cheung LS., Chayengia M., Shvartsman SY. and Pyrowolakis G. (2015) Dpp-dependent gene repression cascade in Drosophila eggshell patterning. Developmental Biology, 400, 258-265.  Abstract

Beira JV., Springhorn A., Pyrowolakis G. and Vincent JP. (2014) The decapentaplegic/TGF-dependent corepressor Schnurri protects epithelial cells from JNK-induced apoptosis in Drosophila embryos. Developmental Cell, 31(2) 240-47.  Abstract

Gafner L., Dalessi S., Escher E., Pyrowolakis G.*, Bergmann S.* and Basler K.* (2013) Manipulating the sensitivity of signal-Induced Repression: Quantification and consequences of altered Brinker gradients, PLoS One, 8(8), e71224. *shared senior authorship   Abstract

Fuchs A., Cheung LS., Charbonnier E., Shvartsman SY.* and Pyrowolakis G.* (2012). Transcriptional Interpretation of the EGFR signaling gradient. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, 1572-77. *shared senior authorship   Abstract

Ben-Zvi D., Pyrowolakis G., Barkai N. and Shilo BZ. (2011). Expansion-Repression Mechanism for Scaling the Dpp Activation Gradient in Drosophila Wing Imaginal Discs. Current Biology, 21, 1391-96.  Abstract

Vuilleumier R., Springhorn A., Patterson L., Koidl S., Hammerschmidt M., Affolter M., and Pyrowolakis G. (2010) Control of Dpp morphogen distribution by a secreted feedback regulator. Nature Cell Biology, 12, 611-617.  Abstract

Weiss A., Charbonnier E., Ellertsdóttir E., Wolf C., Schuh R., Pyrowolakis G.* and Affolter M.* (2010) A conserved activation element in BMP signaling during Drosophila development. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 19, 69-76. *shared senior authorship  Abstract

Pyrowolakis G., Hartmann B., Muller B., Basler K., and Affolter, M. (2004). A simple molecular complex mediates widespread BMP-induced repression during Drosophila development. Developmental Cell, 7, 229-240.  Abstract

Müller, B.*, Hartmann, B.*, Pyrowolakis, G.*, Affolter, M., and Basler K. (2003).  Conversion of an extracellular Dpp/BMP morphogen gradient into an inverse transcriptional gradient. Cell, 113, 221-33. *equal contribution  Abstract

SGBM PhD students

SGBM PhD students:

Track 2:
Jennifer Gawlik (since March 2014)

CIBSS Track:

Clara-Maria Ell (since November 2018)



Track 1:
Milica Jevtic (04/2010 - 04/2014)
Track 2:
Alexander Springhorn (09/2008 - 11/2013)

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