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Georg Haecker Profile Page
Georg Haecker


Lab: Prof. Dr. Georg Haecker
Department: Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene
Address: Hermann-Herder-Str. 11
79104 Freiburg
Phone: 203 6531
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Lab homepage:
PhD positions available: YES
Research Area: Immunology and Virology
Research Interests: Molecular and Cellular Immunology


Education & Training: 1990 Medical Examination
1991 Dr. med. at University of Ulm
1992 Foreign Medical Graduates Examination in Medical Sciences
1998 Dr. med. habil. Habilitation in Medical Microbiology, Immunology
Employment & Experience: 1992-1993 Resident Doctor / Scientist Inst. f. Med. Microbiology TUM
1993-1995 Visiting Scientist, Walter and Eliza Hall Inst. f. Med. Research, Melbourne, Australia
(Scholarship from the German Research Coundil, DFG)
1995 Research Officer, Walter and Eliza Hall Inst. f. Med. Research, Melbourne, Australia
1996-1998 Resident Doctor / Scientist, Inst. f. Med. Microbiology, TUM
1997 Consultant (Medical Microbiology) for the University Hospital of the TUM
1998-2000 Privatdozent (Lecturer) Inst. f. Med. Microbiology of the TUM
2000-2009 Professor, Inst. f. Med. Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene, TUM
07/2009 Full professor and Chair, Dep. of. Med. Microbiology and Hygiene, University Freiburg
Scientific Activities: Ad hoc reviewer for scientific journals (J Exp Med, EMBO J, J Cell Biol, J Immunol and
Ad hoc reviewer for funding organisations (DFG, NSF, Wellcome Trust, Human Frontier
Science Program, Wilhelm Sander-Stiftung and others).
Academic Editor, PLoSONE


Honors and Awards:

DFG overseas fellowship 1993 - 1995.
Grants awarded: 29 (DFG (SFB or direct proposal), Deutsche Krebshilfe, Wilhelm Sander-Stiftung, Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung, EU/BMBF, Deutsche Jose Carreras-Stiftung) totalling approx. 4.5 Mio EUR.


Selected Publications:

Weber A, Heinlein M, Dengjel J, Alber C, Singh PK, Häcker G. (2016) The deubiquitinase Usp27x stabilizes the BH3-only protein Bim and enhances apoptosis. EMBO Rep., 17(5):724-38.  Abstract

Schwab, L., Goroncy, L., Palaniyandi, S., Gautam, S., Triantafyllopoulou, A., Mocsai, A., Reichardt, W., Karlsson, F. J., Radhakrishnan, S. V.,  Hanke, K., Schmitt-Graeff, A., Freudenberg, M., von Loewenich, F. D., Wolf, P., Leonhardt, F., Baxan, N., Pfeifer, D., Schmah, O., Schönle, A:, Martin, S. F., Mertelsmann, R., Duyster, J., Finke, J., Prinz, M., Henneke, P, Häcker, H., Hildebrandt, G. C.*, Häcker, G.*, Zeiser, R.* (2014) Neutrophil granulocytes recruited upon translocation of intestinal commensal bacteria enhance graft-versus-host disease via tissue damage. Nat. Med., 20(6):648-54. *Equal contribution.  Abstract

Gentle, I.E., Moelter, I., Lechler, N., Bambach, S., Vucikuja, S., Häcker, G.* and Aichele, P.* (2014) Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins are required for effective T cell expansion/survival during anti-viral immunity in mice. Blood, 123(5):659-68. *Equal contribution.  Abstract

Eitz Ferrer, P., Potthoff, S.,  Kirschnek, S., Gasteiger, G., Kastenmüller, W., Ludwig, H., Paschen, S., Villunger, A., Sutter, G., Drexler, I. and  Häcker, G. (2011) Induction of Noxa-mediated apoptosis by Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara depends on viral recognition by cytosolic helicases, leading to IRF-3/IFN-β-dependent induction of pro-apoptotic Noxa. PLoS Path., 7(6):e1002083.  Abstract

Feoktistova, S., Geserick, P., Kellert, B,  Panayotova Dimitrova, D., Langlais, C., Hupe, M., Cain, K., MacFarlane, M., Häcker, G. and Leverkus, M. (2011) cIAPs block Ripoptosome formation, a RIP1/caspase 8 containing intracellular cell death complex differentially regulated by cFLIP isoforms. Mol. Cell, 43(3):449-63. Abstract

Paschen, S., Christian, J. G., Vier, J.,  Schmidt, F.,  Walch, A.,  Ojcius, D. M.  and Häcker. G. (2008) Cytopathicity of Chlamydia infection can be largely reproduced by expressing a single chlamydial gene, Chlamydial Protease-like Activity Factor. J Cell Biol, 182(1):117-27. Abstract

Weber, A., Paschen, S. A., Heger, K., Wilfling, F., Frankenberg, T., Bauerschmitt, H., Seiffert, B. M., Kirschnek, S., Wagner, H. and Häcker, G. (2007) BimS Induced Apoptosis Requires Mitochondrial Localization but not Interaction with Anti-Apoptotic Bcl-2 Proteins. J Cell Biol. 177(4):625-36. Abstract

Bauer, A., Villunger, A., Labi, V., Fischer, S.F., Erlacher, M., Strasser, A., Wagner, H.,  Schmid, R.M. and Häcker, G. (2006) The NF-kappaB regulator Bcl-3 and the BH3-only proteins Bim and Puma control the death of activated T cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 103:10979-84. Abstract

Häcker. H., Redecke, V., Blagoev, B., Kratchmarova, I., Wang, G., Kamps, M.P., Saha, S.K., Oganesyan, G., Raz, E., Wagner, H., Häcker, G., Mann, M., Cheng, G. and Karin, M. (2006) Specificity in TLR Signaling: Activation of the Interferon Response Depends on TRAF3. Nature, 439:204-207.  Abstract

Fischer, S.F., Vier, J., Kirschnek, S., Klos, A., Hess, S., Ying, S. and Häcker, G. (2004) Chlamydia inhibit host cell apoptosis by degradation of pro-apoptotic BH3-only proteins. J Exp Med., 200:905-16. Abstract

SGBM PhD students

SGBM PhD students:



Track 1:

Daniel Frank (05/2011 - 06/2015)

Sanjivan Gautam (11/2009 - 08/2013)


Track 2:

Prafull Kumar Singh (09/2014 - 07/2017)

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