Retreat 2023

The 15th SGBM PhD retreat will take place on September 22-23, 2023!

"The aim of the SGBM annual retreat is to promote scientific communication and networking among fellows of the graduate school. It is also an opportunity for introducing ourselves to research in diverse fields. By inviting acclaimed guest speakers who share their expertise and competence, we aim to motivate our peers and expand our sight of opportunities after the PhD.
Do not miss this opportunity and join us for an unforgettable retreat!! You only have to bring joy and enthusiasm for science!" 
Your Retreat Team 2023

Clara Dufossez, Andrea Proaño Vasco, Agnibesh Dey, Carmen Senin, Alexander Kuznetsov

The retreat will take place in the Youth Hostel Überlingen, next to the beautiful Lake Constance.

Please register at this LINK, or by scanning the QR code below.

The registration deadline is July 4, 2023!

The registration fee is 15 € (will be collected at a later time point). 

Dr. Marlene Thomas (Head of CGP Portfolio Strategy, Roche)


Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Janssen (Technical University of Munich)


PD Dr. med. ​Anne Quante (Klinik und Poliklinik für Frauenheilkunde der Technischen Universität München)