Curriculum overview

In addition to carrying out experiments for their thesis in the lab, all SGBM fellows have to complete a curriculum which should take up less than 10% of their time. This is to ensure an excellent all-round education. PhD fellows should strive to complete their thesis within three years.

Within maximum six months of starting their doctoral work, the PhD fellows assemble a Thesis Committee (TC), write a thesis proposal and organize the first TC meeting. Two additional TC meetings will be held at annual intervals. Prior to each TC meeting, the fellows provide a short written progress report to the committee members.

In the monthly reunions, all PhD fellows meet and three of them present their work. On this occasion, fellows specifically train their presentation skills in a multidisciplinary context.

SGBM fellows have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of seminars, lectures, practical courses and soft skill courses. These different sections of the curriculum are monitored regularly during the update meetings with the management.